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WISH Media Preference Survey Results

Every Woman Southeast would like to thank all EWSE members who participated in the Women’s Integrated Systems for Health (WISH) media preference survey. The survey asked about how you receive, share, and find out about learning opportunities and professional training. Your responses will help the WISH team better serve you and your colleagues when advertising about new trainings and generating interest about new topics in women’s healthcare.

The WISH project focuses on promoting and integrating the public health community to optimize mental and physical health among adolescents and women of reproductive age. The project has several components to build leadership capacity among public health, mental health, substance abuse, violence prevention and primary care in order to develop more holistic and integrated systems of care. Thank you for taking time to help us deliver better healthcare to women.

About 70 health professionals completed the survey, the majority of whom identified as Public Health Nurses, Public Health Program Managers, Health Educators, Administrators, Social Workers, Physicians, Epidemiologists, Nurse Practitioners, and Nutritionists. Several respondents also work in the following fields: academia, health policy, midwifery, and community health advocacy.

Below is a summary table of online mediums EWSE members use to receive information about educational opportunities. 95% of all EWSE respondents indicated that email alerts are a preferable way to receive information, followed by online newsletters and websites. 50% of respondents indicated that listserves are useful when receiving information about training and educational opportunities.

Several EWSE respondents also identified several professional organizations they use to find out about learning opportunities. The majority of EWSE follows indicated the following professional organizations: AMCHP (47%), HRSA (44%), APHA (40%), NACCHO (26%), CityMatCH (27%), and MCH Navigator (25%). Several participants also cited local health departments, CDC, March of Dimes, and ACOG as professional organizations they follow for training and educational information.

The chart below indicates how people share information about educational opportunities with peers and colleagues. 80% of EWSE survey respondents indicated that they used email alerts to share information, followed by websites (35%), listserves (31%), newsletters (30%), and Facebook (23%).

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