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Spotlight on our Volunteers

Our volunteers help to move forward a lot of our initiatives and activities. Have you noticed our blog upgrades?  The graphics, social media sharing capabilities, and the addition of widgets to display videos and showcase the latest newsletter were all made possible by the volunteer work of Megan Fazekas-King. Here is what she had to say about her experience:

Megan Fazekas-KingVolunteering with Every Woman Southeast has been a great way to stay connected to the maternal and infant health field while I pursue other career opportunities. It remains a passion of mine and it’s important that I stay involved with it on some level. I chose to work for this initiative because I have been involved with it from the very beginning. I’ve watched the coalition grow, and believe strongly in its mission of building and sustaining an equity-focused, life course approach to women’s wellness.

As a communications professional and marketer, I bring a different perspective to the work while still maintaining a solid understanding of the subject matter. I believe that this perspective is often overlooked when it comes to promoting public health initiatives. I think of Every Woman Southeast as being an incredibly forward-thinking coalition and it’s important that its messages are portrayed on media in a way that reflects that.

I’m also grateful to Sarah Verbiest for giving me the opportunity to work with her on this project. She’s an encouraging leader and friend. It’s not only been great working with her and the rest of the EWSE team, but it has also been a rewarding experience that I have learned a lot from.

Megan Fazekas-King currently does freelance work for public health programs and nonprofits. Click here to review her profile and exceptional work. 

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