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MCH Leaders in the Southeast: Florida

Another one of our featured leaders from Florida is Lori Reeves, MPH, Program Services Director at the Florida Chapter of the March of Dimes. Lori thoughts about her work and why she is involved with Every Woman Southeast are below.

How long have you been in your current position?

I have been in my current position as state program director for 12 years and with the March of Dimes for 17 years.

What is your favorite thing/task/part of your work?

I really enjoy working with partners on high-impact initiatives.

What is your biggest challenge?

Finding enough time!

Why are you involved in/interested in Every Woman Southeast?

I love the synergy of working with a passionate group of people that crosses state lines and disciplines on the common goal of improving health for women across the lifespan. I think there is great power in putting minds together to solve problems, and that with the brainpower and passion of leaders across the Southeast, we have a much greater chance to come up with effective solutions.

If you had a million dollars what would you do with it? (besides move to the mountains or beach and retire)

Well, that would depend on whether it was mine personally or mine for work! If it were for work, I would put it towards expanding our quality improvement efforts to include a stronger emphasis and post-partum and interconception care, in order to increase the number of women who complete a postpartum visit, improve the content of that visit, and develop a medical home that would keep women connected with providers before, during, and beyond pregnancies.

If it was for me personally, I think it would just pay for college for my kids, and if anything were left, I would put it in a retirement account. I might also consider replacing our 14 year-old car!

To find out more about what is happening in Florida, visit find out about the Florida Chapter of the March of Dimes, visit

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