Looking Forward , Sarah Verbiest, founder of Every Woman Southeast, reflects on the new year and what it holds.

On April 6th Sabrina Matoff-Stepp and Anna Kindermann from the Office of Women’s Health at HRSA will share information on the new Bright Futures for Women’s Health Initiative. This presentation is part of our Women’s Integrated Systems for Health (WISH) webinar series. The presentation will be recorded and available for viewing a few days after the webinar.

The first webinar in the series went very well. The slides and speaker bio are posted on our website. Free access to the archived webinar will be available shortly. Dr. Melzter-Brody made many key points about the critical and overlapping issues that impact women of reproductive age, particularly those who are pregnant, postpartum and new mothers.

Why does all of this matter? As the preconception movement grows into the women’s health initiative that it is meant to be, we all need to think about weaving our different work and projects together to meet the needs of the whole woman.

Is your project doing this? Tell us how!

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