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Getting the Travel Teams Together

Mississippi has come in first among the states for putting their travel team in place. Have seven states to go with a January 22nd deadline. Here in North Carolina our Preconception Leadership Team has begun to talk about the composition of a team. We are challenged to look at our larger preconception stakeholders (over 200 people on our listserv) and think about the diversity of people we have involved. We definitely need to reach out to some additional regions of our state, to other groups doing wellness related activities and to some different industries such as health care plans. We’re thinking that this regional initiative could provide some new synergy to help us get more groups involved.

As for the survey, we’re up to 189 responses. Of those 47% are from Florida, 22% from North Carolina, and 13% from South Carolina. We definitely need to do more to get this survey out there – particularly in Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Blog readers – we’d appreciate your help with this one.

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