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Funding Sources, Anyone??

We are now moving into the second phase of developing Every Woman Southeast. We have a small committee of volunteers from the region who are willing to offer their time to help develop funding proposals and find potential funders. If anyone out there would like to help or offer us ideas for funding, please do!

Having strong state consortiums is essential to this endeavor. So we hope to find a way to channel additional resources to these different groups in our region. Every Woman Southeast can then link the eight state consortia together to form a very large and powerful team.

Our next steps will include conference calls with our new leadership committee, talking with people about potential RFAs, and doing some outreach to the states to learn more about the status of their preconception consortium and their needs. We are also going to try to hold a webinar in July 2010 focused on consortium development.

Lots to do – we’d love to have your help!

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