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Identity and the Inauguration

The transfer of power from President Obama to President Trump today has made me reflect on my different identities.  As a cis woman and feminist, my heart is heavy as the biggest glass ceiling in our country remains intact. The promise of a Cabinet with half of the seats filled by

Black Mamas Matter

Black women and their babies have suffered centuries of injustice. Black women’s voices are co-opted, but not heard. Change must happen. Tweet Facts are facts, Black women living in the South face historic, ongoing challenges to their health and wellbeing. While we can argue that all women in the South could have

What is YOUR Switch Point Moment?

When was the last time you attended a conference where you were challenged with new ways of thinking, seeing your work and the world around you? The SwitchPoint conference hosted by IntraHealth recently convened unusual people from many different industries to create social change. I had the opportunity to participate

Pilot Project Leaders: Jennifer Pepper of CHOICES

For March we’re featuring our Pilot Project from Tennessee, CHOICES - Memphis Center for Reproductive Health and their featured leader is Assistant Director, Jennifer Pepper.1. How long have you been in your current position? What brought you to the organization and your current work?I have been with Choices, formerly the

Pilot Project Leaders: Margarita Franco of PASOs

This month we’re featuring Margarita Franco, Director of Community Leadership Development at PASOs a community-based organization hosted at the Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina.How long have you been in your current position?  What brought you to the organization and your current work?I hold a

Pilot Project Leaders: Mirine Dye of Urban Health Partnerships

This month we’re featuring Mirine Dye, a Program Manager for Urban Health Partnerships and new member of the Every Woman Southeast Coalition.How long have you been in your current position?I joined Urban Health Partnerships (UHP) and our corporate arm Urban Health Solutions (UHS) in May of 2012. This EWSE grant