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Let us continue to do the good work

This seismic election has left our nation on a spectrum of emotions ranging from anger to jubilation and everywhere in-between. No matter where you might personally fall on the spectrum, let us continue to do the work that this coalition has set out to do together because you matter and

Take Two

Accepting messy and the need to apologize sometimes for inadvertent mistakes are better than silence. Tweet No matter how frustrating life was the day before, or how long the night, out of the dark each morning rays of light emerge. Dawn is a cosmic reset button. I’ve always loved the idea of

What is YOUR Switch Point Moment?

When was the last time you attended a conference where you were challenged with new ways of thinking, seeing your work and the world around you? The SwitchPoint conference hosted by IntraHealth recently convened unusual people from many different industries to create social change. I had the opportunity to participate

Spotlight on our Volunteers

Our volunteers help to move forward a lot of our initiatives and activities. Have you noticed our blog upgrades?  The graphics, social media sharing capabilities, and the addition of widgets to display videos and showcase the latest newsletter were all made possible by the volunteer work of Megan Fazekas-King. Here

What Happens in New Orleans Should NOT Stay in New Orleans

Last week myself and several other Every Woman Southeast leadership team members had the opportunity to attend an Infant Mortality Summit in New Orleans. The meeting was sponsored by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) in collaboration with the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs (AMCHP), the Association

Taking on the Life Course Model

For the past few weeks the Every Woman Southeast Coalition's leadership team has been working to finalize its goals, logic model and action plan. As we've thought deeply about what needs to happen in the Southeast to truly improve the health of mothers and babies, we agree that change will

Alabama Adventure

Thank you to Team Alabama for inviting me to talk about the Every Woman Southeast Coalition at their annual Perinatal Symposium in Birmingham last week. While thunderstorms kept me in the Charlotte, NC airport longer than I liked, the weather in Alabama was beautiful! At the Symposium, I was honored