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About & Contact

About Every Woman Southeast Blog:

The strength of Southern women is undeterred, unbending and undeniable. It isn’t something they acquire over time. They’re born with it. It runs through every fiber of their being. And they tap into it relentlessly to raise their families, to fortify their communities and to protect all that is precious for them. Yet, they live in a region that is notoriously at the bottom of the list when it comes to women’s wellness. That’s what Every Woman Southeast is committed to changing.

There are many organizations doing wonderful work in well-defined areas of women’s wellness. But, even so, change isn’t happening fast enough. The solution? Break down the silos and bring everyone together to optimize efforts and maximize results. At Every Woman Southeast, we’re building bridges between women-focused organizations so that we can all learn from each other, become stronger leaders within our own communities, find innovative ways to create change, and make a powerful impact on the state of women’s wellness in the Southeast.

One thing we know for sure is that when women work together for women, that’s a strength that’s unequalled.

Want to get involved? 

Creating meaningful change for women in the Southeastern U.S. requires not only commitment to the goal—but a commitment to action. That’s why we need you, in whatever capacity you can contribute. Because, together, we can eradicate the many disparities suffered by women in the Southeast.

If you’re an individual, consider participating by:

  • Joining our listserv
  • Writing a relevant blog post for publication on our website
  • Sharing topics and articles for our monthly newsletter
  • Watching our webinars and engaging in social media to build your knowledge and share your ideas
  • Joining one of our committees or initiatives – share your expertise
  • Engaging in a key conversation
  • Call us with your research ideas
  • Telling your friends and colleagues about us!

If you’re an agency, you can work with us by:

  • Committing at least one person to be a point of contact with Every Woman Southeast
  • Sending us information about your work so that we can share it with our audience
  • Advertise our webinars, newsletter and initiatives to your members

There are many ways to become actively involved with Every Woman Southeast. Interested in joining us as we work for real change? Please contact or Sarah at 919-638-5183.

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