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When Addiction Has a White Face

When Addiction Has a White Face By EKOW N. YANKAHFEB. 9, 2016 WHEN crack hit America in the mid-1980s, for African-Americans, to borrow from Ta-Nehisi Coates, civilization fell. Crack embodied instant and fatal addiction; we saw endless images of thin, ravaged bodies, always black, as though from a famined land. And always

Artists as Activists: Pursuing Social Justice

Artists as Activists: Pursuing Social Justice By Amy Pleasant Flight by Marie Hoeber. Image courtesy of the artist and Gutfreund Cornett Art. We must never forget art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth. John F. Kennedy Some might say that the world is a mess right now. Others

Identity and the Inauguration

The transfer of power from President Obama to President Trump today has made me reflect on my different identities.  As a cis woman and feminist, my heart is heavy as the biggest glass ceiling in our country remains intact. The promise of a Cabinet with half of the seats filled by

The Privilege of a Snow Day

It is a mix of snow and sleet paired with freezing the South. Our world is shut down. It is lovely. It is Saturday and we suddenly have a weekend without obligations.   An excuse to stay in sweats, work on small projects, actually talk to family, stay up late watching