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Over the years, I’ve had lots of people ask me how I manage to “do it all”. And I certainly have asked other women the same question. While the smile and shrug response is the quickest rejoinder, I think that we need to be more transparent with each other and

Election Day Spending Hangover

I am so glad the November elections are over. Living in a battleground state, I felt like it was the carpet baggers all over again, spending their money in North Carolina to tell me just how bad one or the other of our US Senate Candidates was. The ads would

October 15th

October 15th always takes me by surprise.  As a recurrent miscarrier - 7 pregnancies, but only 1 live birth - I'm prepped for Mothers' Day and all the feelings that can evoke.  I'm used to putting on a brave face for pregnancy announcements and baby showers. But October 15th gets

Twenty Years without a Tear in the United States Army

“You girls are worthless… a waste of my time.” In 1978, I was a visionary 18-year-old girl from Johnstown, Ohio – a town encompassing a grand total of 2.9 square miles and whose idea of big news involved an increased corn yield for one farm family or the next. With nothing